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Kate is back in the building

Kate is back in the building

I’m sorry for the silence lately. Not only did a teenager rear-end my car while I was in rush-hour traffic on the highway, but my two-year-long relationship with my boyfriend is in turmoil. Oh, and early Thursday morning I experienced a strange phenomenon that can only be explained by: a) a high-tech burglar trying to break into my apartment while I was sleeping, b) kids playing with fireworks in the dead of night, or c) an other-worldly interaction with an extra-terrestrial being*. For real.

Anyway, I spent a lazy afternoon catching up on my favorite blogs and admiring my new terrariums and flowers on my kitchen table (see photos above). I’ve decided that I’m going to buy myself flowers on a regular basis. Flowers make me happy.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts and online finds from the past week. Happy exploring!

  • Design*Sponge’s sneak peak: best of dogs post is full of cute dogs in their home environments
  • The Little Pheasant’s water lily bouquet is to die for
  • Say what? Kramer is a photographer?!
  • Unique reclaimed wood lamps on Oh Joy!
  • Amazing photos of soap bubbles, of all things, from A Cup of Jo
  • Beautiful Swedish home that incorporates lots of plants/cuttings as design elements on Desire to Inspire

*See also: symptoms of pending nervous breakdown.

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