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Cornets with nectarines and something finely fluffy

Cornets with nectarines and something finely fluffy

School starts tomorrow and we need something good for the package.

  • 1 pack of puff pastry
  • "something fine" fluffy
  • Maple syrup

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Nectarine donuts and something fluffy:

Let the dough thaw

Spread the sheet on the work table and cut triangles

Grease each triangle with cream cheese

Wash the nectarines, remove the seeds and cut into slices

Place a slice on each triangle and roll

Grease the croissants with maple syrup and bake for 30 minutes

Organizing the house according to the KonMari method

I just finished reading "The Magic of Order & # 8211 The Sensational Japanese Method of Freeing and Organizing Your Home" written by Marie Kondo and I want to share some ideas from this wonderful book.

I donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t remember exactly how this Marie Kondo came into my lifeâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; interesting and since then I can't part with her great ideas about organization.

On the internet you can find a lot of videos on this subject and you can realize that her method is very successful, because many people apply it and are very satisfied.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman who has dedicated almost half her life looking for effective ways to organize her home. After long searches and applications of all kinds of methods, he came to the conclusion that you have to make order once and for all in the house and keep only the objects that make you happy. Thus was born the KonMari method (short for its name) which refers not only to tidying up the living space but also to our thoughts & # 8211 organizing your whole house and simplifying the number of objects you have will have a positive impact. on your psyche and so you will have more confidence in yourself, you will have more energy and in some cases it will help you find out what you want to do next in life.

"Marie Kondo runs a consulting firm in Tokyo that helps her clients turn their messy homes into spaces full of serenity and inspiration, with her original method becoming an international phenomenon."

I admit that I did not manage to tidy the whole house according to this method, but I am determined to try. What I have managed to apply so far from Marie Kondo is the way of packing the clothes that once acquired believe me & # get into the blood & # 8230 you will not want to fold the clothes differently.

It has a system for folding and storing clothes so that you can immediately see where any piece of clothing is at a glance, as you see the backs of books in the library.

Below you have a clip with Marie Kondo in action.

KonMari is organized by categories and not by rooms (which I suspect we all do & # 8230 start full of energy to clean the first room in the house & # 8230 then when we have to move on to the next one we get tired, bored and of course we leave the other day & # 8211 so the first room is the "moon" and the others remain untidy and you will never be able to have the whole house in full order).

Marie teaches us that we must consider 5 major categories when cleaning and that it is essential to keep this sequence:

  • clothes
  • book
  • papers
  • various objects
  • memories (letters, souvenirs, pictures, etc.)

The first step is to gather on the floor everything that belongs to the first category and start sorting & that is to take each piece of clothing in your hand (it is very important to touch each one separately & # 8211 so you transmit them from your energy), to analyze it and ask yourselfit brings me joy? If it doesn't arouse any emotion, you throw it in the pile that will go to the garbage or in the pile of donations. I know what you're going to say now & # 8230how to throw away clothes or items I've kept for so long? & # 8230 at the end of this process.

I also went through this phase when I couldn't get rid of certain clothes and of course I downgraded them to house clothes and that's how I ended up with a closet full of faded rags that you guess I never wore.

Once this sorting is done, fold the clothes as Marie Kondo herself will explain above and place them vertically according to the colors so as to form a gradation from dark to bright.

Some of the clothes will be folded and placed in the drawer, and some of the clothes will be placed on hangers (coats, suits, jackets, skirts, dresses). The latter should be arranged so that they are oriented to the right, because the ascending lines to the right make people feel comfortable and so your wardrobe will look more attractive.

To do this, hang the heavy clothes on the left and the lightest ones on the right. The heavy parts are the long ones, made of heavier material and the dark ones. To the right, the clothes are shorter, the materials thinner and the colors lighter.

Below are links to inspire you and help you better understand this method.

Now that you understand how to proceed with the first category & # 8211 clothes & # 8211, the same will be done for the following categories & # 8211 books, papers, miscellaneous and memories. I will not describe each category in detail because it is very much to tell, but if you understand the principle it will be very easy & # 8211 take each object in hand and ask the magic question & # 8230 brings me joy?

Storing socks and tights is usually good to do in boxes (like Marie Kondo uses shoe boxes) so as not to roll from side to side. The socks will not bend as we have all been taught & # 8211 make a ball and then put the elastic of the sock on top & # 8211 Marie says that the elastic widens and so the socks will wear faster.

Below you have a link about how to fold socks and tights:

Another important aspect that Marie Kondo reveals to us in her book is not to show the family what we throw away when we start the great cleaning and believe me I am right & # 8230. I have suffered it and I know how it is & # 8230 usually parents tend to keep or, more precisely, keep things with their teeth & # 8221 that they no longer need on the principle that, & # 8221 & # 8230, you don't know when you need them & # 8221, to be there & # 8221. That's why it's good to take your garbage bags secretly because they'll divert you from your path and you'll end up with the items you wanted to get rid of in the house again.

Marie Kondo has a habit that I personally don't know if I will be able to fulfill and she empties her bag as soon as she gets home with a box in which she puts everything in her bag. to give him time to rest. At first sight, it seems a bit strange, but if you think about it, the bag will last longer, because it doesn't stay full every day and so you won't have used napkins, packaging, etc. in your bag.

She also teaches us how to efficiently pack our luggage when we go on vacation so that we can fit as much as possible in our suitcase. I applied this method and it works great, but I will tell you about it in another article.

I hope this article is useful to you. Spor organized the house and life!

Cabbage stuffed with tomato sauce

Clean, wash and scald for 10 minutes a cabbage in borscht folded with water, in which salt was added. After it has been drained and cooled, the cabbage leaves are spread. The green core is detached from the spine, removed and chopped. Chop 150-200 grams of smoked bacon, which is put in a pan on the fire with a finely chopped onion and cabbage core. Stir until slightly colored. Soften 1-2 slices of bread, sprinkle, mix with 1-2 raw eggs, chopped cabbage, salt and pepper. Part of this mixture is placed in the middle of the cabbage, the rest is divided between the sheets, sprinkling each layer of filling with a little breadcrumbs. As the sheets fill, lift and tighten toward the middle of the cabbage, pressing lightly. Boil in boiling salted water. It is ready after 20-25 minutes. Serve with spicy tomato sauce or sour cream.

Young croissants with poppy seed recipe for croissants per meter

Young croissants with poppy seed recipe for croissants per meter & # 8211 very tasty and easy to prepare. Cornlets filled with lots of poppy cream, flavored with vanilla and lemon. I will now show you a quick way to make croissants, without having to shape them individually.

I've been thinking of doing some things for a while tender cornlets with poppy seeds. It was as if I was afraid to fill each donut with a teaspoon of poppy seeds. It doesn't even fit so much stuffing & # 8230 so I saw this recipe with sticks, also with poppy seeds and I adapted it. They are basically "horns per meter". It was the fastest method and the best way to have a lot, a lot of filling.

I have made other tender croissants in the past: with vanilla (recipe here)

From the quantities below it results approx. 40 pcs. tender cornlets with poppy seeds or cornlets per meter.

Banana charlotte & # 8211 a delight that will amaze you with an irresistible aroma and delicious filling!

We present you a recipe for charlotte with bananas. Get out of the habit of preparing a charlotte only with apples and enjoy your loved ones with an amazing dessert. From the simplest ingredients you get a very fragrant and delicious charlotte, with soft and fluffy dough. It is a much finer, aerated and refined dessert than the apple charlotte. It combines perfectly with any hot drink.



1. In a bowl, beat the eggs. Add the sugar and continue to mix, using a mixer at maximum speed. The volume of the mixture will increase 3 times. Get a homogeneous and fluffy mass.

2. In another bowl, mix the flour with the baking powder. Sift the mixture obtained in the bowl with the beaten eggs. Mix with a mixer. Get a dense but elastic dough.

3. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.

4. Peel the bananas and cut them into rounds, 2-3 mm thick.

5. Grease a baking tin with vegetable oil. Grease the entire inner surface of the mold.

6. Pour half the amount of dough into the mold and even it out. Arrange a layer of bananas on the dough.

7. Pour the remaining dough into a shape and make it even.

8. Bake in the preheated oven and bake the charlotte for about 30 minutes. Baking time depends on each oven. Do not open the oven door during baking. Bake the charlotte until golden brown.

Note:The most useful tips for a perfect banana charlotte:

1. The process you need to pay close attention to is beating the eggs. Beat the eggs directly from the fridge until they are cold.

2. If you do not use baking soda or baking powder, beat the egg whites and yolks separately. Thus, the dough will rise.

4. To get a fluffy and airy dough, use a blender or food processor.

4. Do not overdo the baking temperature: 180 ° C is the perfect temperature.

Top 10 refrigeration equipment that can't be missed in a professional kitchen!

Whether it is restaurants, canteens, bars, pizzerias or any other public catering unit, refrigeration equipment is, without a doubt, an essential element. Due to them, the ingredients and preparations are kept at a constantly low temperature, which contributes to maintaining their freshness and extending the shelf life.

To benefit from high-performance HoReCa equipment, which contributes to the productivity and success of your business, trust Fresco, a company that supports performance in professional kitchens in Romania since 1992. Here you will discover a wide range of equipment for your business, from internationally renowned brands.

When you choose to invest in professional equipment, you have the guarantee of quality, reliability, but also long life and low energy consumption. In addition, those who collaborate with Fresco Expert enjoy many other quality services, all designed to create a unique experience.

So, here are the types of refrigeration equipment you can't miss in a professional kitchen!

1. Refrigerated cabinets. Made of stainless steel, the refrigerated cabinets for professional kitchens have a refrigeration and freezing function. In addition, it provides a particularly precise control over temperature and humidity.

2. Refrigerated work tables. In case you need cold meals or freezing meals, explore the Fresco offer to discover the best offers! The models provided have 1 to 4 doors and are intended for multiple use, such as storage or food processing.

3. Deflector. The safest cooling system in professional kitchens is represented by the deflectors, also known as blast chiller. Such equipment can instantly and efficiently cool any type of preparation.

4. Ice cube machines. Such equipment cannot be missing from a bar, especially during this period, when the warm season begins. They work with water or air, have a high efficiency and can even produce ice flakes.

5. Refrigerated boxes. Choose refrigerated boxes from the Fresco Expert catalog and you will have equipment with a volume of up to 1,200 liters, which can generate freezing temperatures of up to -24 degrees Celsius.

6. Salad. Salads have a double role in professional kitchens. On the one hand, they are used to keep the ingredients of salads fresh. On the other hand, they have an aesthetic function since they present the ingredients in an extremely attractive manner.

7. Beverage refrigerators. With an increased storage capacity, elegant design and equipped with light inside, such equipment should not be missing from the kitchen of a successful business.

8. Wine showcases. When you want to buy wine showcases, opt for a product with one or more temperature control zones, with glass doors and electronic thermostat, as are the models in the Fresco Expert offer.

9. Tapas / sushi showcase. From Spanish or Japanese kitchens, such equipment is essential, since they complete the experience you want to make available to your customers.

10. Cold rooms and accessories. In addition to a professional kitchen, the cold rooms can keep fruits, vegetables and meat fresh, all in a controlled atmosphere.

How to make shit croissants? Very simple. Make a dough that is then refrigerated, preferably overnight. So, the butter at room temperature is broken into pieces with m & acircna, mixed with sugar well, then add tablespoons of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Then add the flour and knead well until you get an elastic dough, which you put in the fridge, at least for a few hours.

In the meantime, cut the shit into thin slices so that it fits in a tiny croissant. Take a piece of dough, make a ball & icircn m & acircnă, spread it on the table with the rolling pin and cut the circle thus obtained from the coca & icircntinsa & icircn round shape & icircn 2, then & icircn 4, then each quarter & icircn 2 or & icircn of c & acirct of small you prefer to be the cornuletes. Place a piece of shit on the outer edge and roll. Repeat the operation until we finish the coca (or shit).

Preheat the oven beforehand. Put the croissants in the tray lined with baking paper or with a little butter and flour and put them in the oven for half an hour. When they are ready, roll them in powdered sugar and serve cold.