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Fruity Green Punch recipe

Fruity Green Punch recipe

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This punch is highly fruit and very green! Lime tablet jelly is dissolved, then blended with pineapple juice, orange juice, caster sugar, water and ginger ale. It's perfect for Halloween.

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IngredientsServes: 20

  • 1 1/4 (135g) boxes lime flavoured tablet jelly, cut into chunks
  • 1 litre hot water
  • 1.25 litres pineapple juice
  • 675ml orange juice
  • 400g caster sugar or to taste
  • 1 litre cold water
  • 2 litres ginger ale

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. In a large saucepan dissolve the jelly cubes in 1 litre of hot water. Allow to cool.
  2. When jelly mix is cool, pour into a large punch bowl, Stir in pineapple juice, orange juice, sugar and 1 litre cold water. Pour in ginger ale just before serving.

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by Shelly

This was a huge hit at my Halloween party, but it was a little too sweet for me. I'd cut the sugar by at least half.-12 Nov 2003


I fixed this punch last night at a Halloween party. It was a HIT!! I made ice in a bundt pan and threw some plastic spiders in the ice. As the ice melted the spiders started floating in the punch. Then I sat the punch bowl in a smaller bowl and put glow sticks in the small bowl. It lit up so cute. It was gone before I knew it!! Not even one complaint. I will definatly fix this one again and again!! For a little kick, I added fifth plus a little of Ron Rico Rum.-27 Oct 2002

by Nicole Moritz-Mills

I have made this punch 3 times:at a Bridal Shower on St. Patricks DayMarch Baby Showerand Easter DinnerIt can get a little thick towards the bottom, you may want to run the pineapple juice through a sieve to keep the pulp out. And definately use pulp free OJ.-15 Apr 2002

Fruit Tea Punch

While many versions of Nashville’s Fruit Tea call for frozen concentrated juices or lemonades, Carole Nelson says her mother, who ran the Commerce Union dining room in the late 1960s, “would never.” We’ve adapted her recipe for a modern take that reduces the sugar and pays homage to Daisy King of Miss Daisy’s Kitchen, too, with the addition of pineapple juice. If you’d like to add a touch of cinnamon as Kathy Bonnet does for her popular version at the Picnic Cafe, you have that option here as well.

Kid-friendly Punch

Punch is perfect for parties at home or school. It's easy to make in large batches and kids love its sweet flavor and bold colors.

We've got recipes for classic fruit punch and sparkling punch, but one of my favorites is the kind that calls for sherbet or ice cream mixed in making a creamy and delicious punch. We even have some fun holiday themed punches like gummy worm punch for Halloween or Valentine's punch with is a pretty pink color.

Cranberry and ginger ale is a tried and true combo, but the addition of pineapple juice for tartness is outstanding. All too easy to turn into alcoholic punch with a bit of gin or.

This is the sort of recipe you try and say "why didn't I think of that first?" Tropical Hawaiian punch blended with creamy vanilla ice cream makes a drinkable treat for.

This sparkling punch is made up of 5 fruit juices and fizzy lemon-lime soda. It's kid-friendly and grownups love it too!

Great cran-apple punch recipe with a secret tip. Filling up your ice cube trays with lemon-lime soda will keep your punch ice-cold without making it diluted and watery over time.

Made with lime sherbet, frozen mixed fruit, lime Kool-Aid, water, lemon-lime carbonated beverage

Every day we send out a featured recipe and our editor's favorite picks. Don't miss out!

Made with gingerale or lemon-lime soda, water, orange drink mix, sugar, pineapple juice

Made with strawberry sherbet, Hawaiian Punch, cranberry juice cocktail, cherry soda

Made with sparkling water, water, frozen orange juice concentrate, frozen grapefruit juice concentrate

Made with sherbet, lemon-lime soda or ginger ale

This is a fun punch because as the ice ring melts, the gummy worms will start to float around the punch bowl.

Made with lemon-lime carbonated beverage, pineapple juice, vanilla ice cream, rainbow sherbet

Made with ice cubes, grapes, grape juice, lemon-lime soda or ginger ale

Made with orange sherbet, orange juice, sugar, milk, orange peel, ground nutmeg, sparkling water

Made with ginger ale, frozen grapefruit juice concentrate, frozen orange juice concentrate, frozen lemonade concentrate, grenadine, lime juice

Made with ginger ale, lime gelatin, sugar, water, lemon juice, pineapple juice

Made with ginger ale, lime sherbet, pineapple juice, lime Kool-Aid

Made with raspberries, raspberry sherbet, cranberry juice, raspberry soda

Made with ginger ale or lemon-lime soda, frozen pink lemonade concentrate, red cinnamon hots candies, strawberry ice cream, vegetable cooking spray, sugar, water, pineapple juice

Pineapple Green Tea Punch

As a child of the South, I grew up on iced tea. My grandmother, Myne, was famous for her Sun Tea &mdash I remember visiting her house in White Stone, Virginia, where during the summers, there was always a glass jar full of tea bags and water, magically &ldquobrewing&rdquo on her front porch. Iced tea was a constant in my family. I recall pitchers of it being served with dinner. Not the usual sweet-tea that is such a Southern icon &mdash just straightforward with a plate of cut lemons passed around the table. I was a purist, but Grandad would always add a packet of Sweet-n-Low.

I choose Bigelow as my #1 tea, not only because I grew up on it, but because each bag is sealed in individual packages to keep them fresh &ndash and fresh matters with tea. I also love the family aspect of this company &mdash three generations strong and their tea is made in the U.S. I Tea Proudly with Bigelow. Do you? #TeaProudly?

While I love a simple, refreshing glass or hot cuppa &mdash Bigelow Tea is even better when you&rsquore in party mode. When I&rsquom hosting, especially when the guest list is multi-generational ranging from little 4-year olds on their mother&rsquos hip to Aunties and Grandmas, I like to serve a signature punch. Something tasty and non-alcoholic &mdash a mocktail! This Pineapple Green Tea Punch is a refreshing sipper that adds a festive mood to special occasions .

The best part about this punch is that you do most of the prep the day before and assemble it just before your guests arrive. It doesn&rsquot get any easier than that! Bigelow Green Tea balances out the flavors in this punch. It&rsquos sweet, but not cloying with a refreshing citrusy finish.

I usually combine the brewed tea with the simple syrup and citrus juice the day before and let them chill together. The pineapple juice and club soda chill separately.

It wouldn&rsquot be punch without an ice ring. This one is made of fresh fruits and pineapple juice, frozen in a bundt or tube pan. The vibrant colors will have everyone huddled around the punch bowl waiting to swipe a nugget of fruit as the ring melts. I usually keep an extra bottle of chilled club soda at the ready to add more bubbles when the punch is half done but also to cut the sweetness from the melting fruit juice ring.

And check it out &ndash I found star-shaped silicone ice molds on sale! They&rsquore not necessary, but aren&rsquot they fun.

And speaking of fun &ndash don&rsquot forget to enter the #TeaProudly Bigelow Relaxation Sweepstakes below! And share your #TeaProudly moments with me in the Comments section!
#TeaProudly Bigelow Sweepstakes

20 Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Punch Recipes That Everyone Will Love

We believe that the key to throwing an exceptional Southern party is to create a delicious punch that will leave a lasting impression on guests. We collected our most refreshing non-alcoholic punch recipes that serve as the ultimate festive sippers. From zesty and fruity sparklers like Cherry Limeade to festive and spiced punches like our Mulled Cranberry version, we&rsquove got all the non-alcoholic punches you will need for every occasion.

These drinks are so easy to make that even the busiest host can become a skilled mixologist. Believe us when we say that these flavorful mocktails taste even better than alcoholic cocktails and are far more refreshing. Half of the beauty of these punches are in the presentation&mdashso break out your Mason jars and vintage punch bowls that Granny gifted you and get to mixing. Next celebration serve up a deliciously crafted, kid-friendly punch instead of a cooler of sodas. you won't be sorry you did.

What If I Don&rsquot Have A Punch Bowl?

Punch bowls are super fun, there&rsquos so many to choose from in all different price points. But if you don&rsquot have a punch bowl, there are other things that you can use to serve this party punch recipe!

Hollowed Out Watermelon: You can cut a large watermelon in half, hollow out the fruit and pour this punch right in! A large honeydew melon half would work too, you can set out a few around the room. Just shave a little off the bottom half of the melon so that it sits flat on a surface.

Mixing Bowls: Freeze large mixing bowls and use them to serve your punch. Again, you can set out a couple of different bowls around the room.

Pitchers: Glass or plastic pitchers work for serving punch, too. Use whatever you have on hand!

I love feeling great and this hibiscus fruit punch is now a part of my regular routine during the summer.

  • Hibiscus — Hibiscus offers nutrients, like Vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Green Tea — Adding green tea has a lot of health benefits too. For example, you’ll add polyphenols to your diet that help reduce inflammation.
  • Mint Tea — Using mint tea in this punch adds refreshing flavor but mint has also been used for hundreds of years to deal with stomach upset in addition to other benefits.

5 of our finest summer punches

Our best summer punch recipes, perfect to refresh a crowd.

Looking for a light punch to kick off your summer party? We’ve got five recipes you can make in minutes that are fabulously fruity and will help your guests beat the heat.

Cucumber, mint & melon punch

This minty melon combo uses a delicious mix of honeydew, cantaloupe and juicy watermelon. Vodka, lime and mint are flavours that naturally go together, then all you need is some sparkling water and a melon baller to scoop yourself a moreish party drink. If you leave it to steep for thirty minutes to an hour, the melon will soak up the boozy flavours.

Pink grapefruit punch

Make yourself a pretty pink punch in minutes that will keep guests coming back for more. A sprig of thyme adds a herby undertone to this semi-sweet grown-up juice. Add plenty of ice, swirl and serve. If you want a touch more sweetness, stir in a spoonful of extra honey.

Apple Prosecco punch

A punch can only be improved by adding Prosecco. Spruce up a basic apple and vodka punch in a second with Prosecco, a squeeze of lemon juice and slices of green apple. This punch is also easy to top up when you start running low (which will happen pretty quickly, trust us). Simply pour and impress!

Classic Caribbean rum punch

No-one can resist a classic Caribbean cocktail. This tipple isn’t sickly sweet and has just the right amount of fruity flavour – it’s a sweet and sour combination that’s sure to go down a treat. The ingredients might look a bit daunting, but all you need to do is mix, chill and garnish for a special boozy weekend thirst quencher.

Peachy punch

A light peach punch with soft fruit, rosé wine and schnapps. Peaches are perfectly ripe in the summer months, so take advantage with this flavour-packed drink. Top up with soda water or tonic to your own particular taste.

What’s your favourite summer punch recipe? Let us know in the comments below…

Pineapple Sherbet Punch Recipe

Great Restaurant Drink Recipe

Preparation time: 10 minutes. Serves 20"ish"

  • 1/2 gallon (2 quarts) pineapple sherbet
  • 2 two liter bottles of 7-UP
  • 2 ten or twelve ounce cans of pineapple juice
  • 2 ten or twelve ounce container of club soda
  • Place the sherbet in a nice punch bowl
  • Pour equal amounts of club soda and pineapple juice over the sherbet (yes, it will foam)
  • Refrigerate until serving time
  • Add 7-Up just before serving and stir

Now someone asked me how to keep the punch cold without ice cubes (which would dilute the restaurant drink recipe). Here is a good tip.

After making the first punch bowl (minus the 7-UP, scoop out some of the mixture into several containers (ice trays?) and freeze ahead of serving time. As the punch bowl needs to be refilled, add the frozen version and some more 7-UP.

It will melt, adding to the volume, but will not dilute the punch. Cool! . so to speak!  :-)

Enjoy the pineapple punch recipe and all the restaurant recipes on the website and the company of those you share them with!

Did you know? Sherbet and sorbet are different products.

For Americans, sherbet is typically a fruity flavored frozen dairy product with a butterfat content between 1% and 2%.

Sorbet is considered by Americans to be a fruity frozen product with no dairy content, similar to Italian ice.

Classic Party Fruit Punch Drink

This easy fruit punch drink recipe has sooooo much history with me. A pure classic! It is the fruit punch that my mother made for EVERYTHING! Birthday parties, baby showers, holidays, school parties you name it and this fruit punch was there! Aside from this being one insanely quick & easy fruit punch recipe, it is very addictive. I can sit and watch folks down several cups without even noticing it. It’s amazing how much punch people drink.

Whenever I make this fruit punch drink I always double or triple the recipe, especially if there will be kids around. This punch is a kid magnet and my husbands favorite. God forbid I try a new punch recipe because his whole world just comes crashing down.

I can’t say I blame him though. This fruit punch drink is fruity, sweet, lightly fizzy & very refreshing! It’s the kind of fruit punch that makes you just gulp it down without stopping and then let out a loud “aaaaahhhhh” after finishing it…..And now I’ve made myself thirsty! Off to have a cold glass of fruit punch!

NOTE* Allow this fruit punch to sit for at least 30 minutes in the fridge before serving to let the flavors mingle. It tastes even better when you make it a day ahead.