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Rotated with sheep cheese

Rotated with sheep cheese

If the cottage cheese is more watery then we put it in a double gauze and let it drain. Put the sheep's cheese on the large grater (or crush it with a fork) and then mix it with the cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs and finely chopped dill. Season with white pepper. We mix.

Melt the butter and then let it cool. We put a sheet of pie on the floured work table, which we grease with butter with the help of a brush. Over this we overlap 3 more sheets which in turn will be greased with melted butter. Divide the cheese mixture into 3. Grease the above sheets with some of this mixture. Smooth with a spatula. I was running, not too tight.

We line a round tray with food paper and put it in the tray. We return to the other sheets with which we do the same. I got 3 rolls in total that I placed in the form of a snail in a round tray.

Grease with egg and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Remove the tray from the oven, let it cool a bit and then take it out of the tray and place it on a plate.

Bănățeană pie like Făget, with sheep cheese and dill

Bănățeană pie like in Făget, with sheep cheese and dill is a delight, which I had the pleasure to taste at a traditional gastronomy contest, a few years ago. I fell in love irretrievably, so I got in touch with Mrs. Ema, who at that time was the gastronomy section of Făget and I stuck to her head until she gave me the recipe but also some information about the origin of the pie.

It is said that the recipe is with great Transylvanian influences due to the shepherds who came with the sheep from the Sibiu area.

Although I do it quite often, I never get tired of it, it is consistent like a homemade bread, the tenderness like a homemade cake and the taste of a peasant pie with cheese baked on the pan. The ingredients are simple and accessible to anyone and the preparation is very simple, and from here I can only suggest that you can make it with Telemea fat cow's cheese for those who do not like the taste of sheep's cheese.

Stay tuned for the list of ingredients, but also the simple way to prepare a delicacy from our dear Banat!

How to make Bănățeană Pie like Făget, with sheep cheese and dill

Ingredients to taken:

  • 200-250 ml of milk
  • 250 g cream with 25% fat
  • 1 cube of 25 gr fresh yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 600 g white flour
  • 80 ml oil
  • 350 g greasy Telemea sheep cheese
  • 1 bunch of dill
  • 1 whole egg for finishing

How to prepare the dough:

Put the yeast with the sugar in a bowl and mix until you get a paste. Add half the amount of warm milk, cover with foil and leave in a warm place to activate the yeast.

In a suitable bowl we put the sifted flour, salt, cream, activated yeast, oil and with the help of a silicone spatula we mix until it becomes inefficient, after which we move to manual kneading or with the help of a food processor. We need to get a fairly soft dough, but non-sticky, elastic, smooth and homogeneous.

Put the dough in a bowl greased with oil and covered with a foil of freshness and let it rise until it doubles in volume.

On a work surface sprinkled with flour, spread the dough in a rectangular shape with a size of 35/35 cm. Sprinkle with telemeau and finely chopped dill.

Roll as tight as possible and place in the tray lined with paper. Cover with a kitchen towel or foil and leave to rise for another 30-35 minutes.

Grease with beaten egg and put the tray in the oven for 15 minutes at 220 degrees, then lower the temperature to 180 degrees and bake for another 25-30 minutes or until it has a golden-reddish color.

Take the tray out of the oven and leave it for another 10 minutes, then put the pie on a grill and let it cool completely. Good job and good appetite!

Choose cheeses from different sources of milk - cow, goat and sheep - and with a variety of textures - soft, semi-strong, hard. Start with at least two selections for small parties and up to six or more for large parties. If you serve three cheeses or less, plan about 1½ to 2 ounces of each cheese per person. If you serve more than three cheeses, allocate about 1 ounce of each per person. Mix and combine the cheeses using this texture guide:

Gruyère, Comté, Cheddar, Manchego, Gouda elderly

(This is the largest category of cheese, so consider selecting more cheese from it for a larger plate.)

UBB offers over 9,000 budgeted places for bachelor's and master's degrees. Daniel David: “Come to UBB. We are an inclusive university "

Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj puts up for competition no less than 9,000 budgeted places for bachelor's and master's degrees. There are special places for Roma, places for Romanians everywhere, scholarships are offered, and taxes, says the rector of UBB Cluj, Daniel David, are affordable.

"We are an inclusive university. We have this responsibility to open the academic offer to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I think the presence of fee-paying places shows that the programs are interesting for a lot of young people who can cover their costs, at least for a year. We keep taxes low because we are a public institution ", said Daniel David, the rector of UBB.

Daniel David said that the academic year will start in the classic regime, but the final decision will be taken in the Senate, in July, because new regulations are expected to appear at national level.

The Rector of UBB also specified that the need for those who will be accommodated in dormitories to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is being discussed, while, in the case of courses, unvaccinated students will be able to participate in them online.

UBB received a significant number of seats compared to last year

Anna Soos, the vice-rector of UBB, specified that the university comes with a very generous offer this academic year, to which is added an important number of places received in addition to last year.

Under license are two new programs, Portuguese, offered in combination with other languages ​​and Computer Science applied in electrical engineering, at the extension in Resita.

At master's level there are three new programs, namely Romanian, as a non-native language, at the Faculty of Letters and two programs at Orthodox Theology.

"The number of budgeted places does not seem so high, compared to the demand we have, but the students are ranked after a year and those who rank first will reach the budget," said Anna Soos.

The UBB vice-rector says that there are faculties that have provided face-to-face exams, but there will also be candidates who will give a form of admission on a certain platform. Candidates will be required to submit at least one letter of intent.

Importantly, only for specific tests will be required physical presence in Cluj.

UBB dormitories offer 7,200 seats

The vice-rector of UBB, Cristian Secărea, announced that the university will offer scholarships worth 400,000 lei, and the amount of a scholarship is 600 lei.

"UBB also offers accommodation in student dormitories. We have a small deficit on this side, but we complete it with comfort ", he said.

UBB has almost 7,200 places in dormitories, in the non-pandemic scenario, but if we continue with the pandemic scenario, 1,765 places can be made available.

Cristian Secărea also spoke about the investment plan, respectively over 100 million lei in new buildings, the modernization of existing buildings and endowments of didactic laboratories at faculty level.

The places put up for competition by UBB

Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca puts out for competition, for the academic year 2021-2022, a number of 5,279 budgeted places for high school graduates, over 10,670 places for a fee and 2,840 places for distance and full-time education reduced for undergraduate studies.

Of these budgeted places, 30 are special places allocated for Roma candidates, 188 are for high school graduates located in rural areas, 15 are allocated for candidates from the social protection system, while another 128 places were allocated to ethnic groups. Romanians from outside the country.

At master level, UBB will put up for competition, for the academic year 2021-2022, a number of 3,879 places in the budget and 6,332 places in the fee. A number of 248 of the budgeted places are allocated to priority areas, another 10 places are intended for Roma students, 10 places for candidates from the social protection system, and 109 are intended for ethnic Romanians from abroad.

Also, UBB will compete for 50 places in the didactic master's degrees introduced in the academic year 2020-2021.

Candidates will be able to choose between the 252 undergraduate programs (full-time and distance learning), respectively the 235 master's programs (full-time or part-time education).

News for admission in 2021

Admission in the academic year 2021-2022 comes with news regarding the specializations offered, UBB proposing new specializations at the bachelor's level, at the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of Engineering and no less than 12 new study programs at the master's level.

The admission period for the new academic year is between 12 and 29 July 2021. The admission calendar includes the registration period, the competition tests, the display of results, the submission of appeals, the confirmation of places and the redistribution period of places remaining available for each of the 22 faculties. of UBB.

For the admission in the academic year 2021-2022, the faculties within Babeş-Bolyai University have elaborated different types of written or oral tests for testing the knowledge and cognitive abilities of the students. The faculties will take into account the average of the baccalaureate exam, with different weight.

The competition topics and bibliography for the written tests are displayed on the official pages of each faculty.

Admission fees and tuition fees for the academic year 2021-2022 are set at the level of each faculty and can be consulted HERE and HERE.

The benefits of sheep cheese

Cheese is a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk proteins, especially what is called casein. The clot is the one that actually does the clotting. It is found in the stomachs of calves, but currently there are also variants of clot produced in the laboratory.

There are several types of cheese, of course depending on the milk used. The type of milk used is very important for the quality of the cheese obtained.

Sheep's milk has a high nutritional value. Therefore, the cheese produced from sheep's milk is of a high nutritional quality.

Protein content in sheep's milk

Sheep's milk has 2 times more protein than cow's or goat's milk.

Proteins in sheep's milk have an increased biological value because they contain all the essential amino acids. They are necessary for the body to repair the body's tissues and to maintain physical strength and alertness (1).

Fat and energy content

The fat content of sheep's milk is higher. Therefore, the caloric content is higher, being more full.

Long-term dairy consumption helps us lose weight. This is due to the content of complete protein, calcium and healthy fats (2).

Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt or milk are nutritious and filling. This helps us eat less and maintain a normal weight.

Calcium content

Sheep's milk contains a higher amount of calcium than cow's milk.

Sheep's milk contains 193 mg of calcium, while cow's milk contains only 125 mg.

99% of the calcium in our body is found in the bones. These are indispensable for the development of the skeletal system in childhood and adolescence, but also for maintaining bone health throughout life (3).

In addition, protein helps fix it in the bones. Higher protein and calcium intake is correlated with better bone mineralization and a lower risk of fractures (4). So more dairy, fewer fractures.


Sheep cheese is a dairy product rich in protein and healthy fats.

It is a better source of calcium than cow's milk. This helps maintain a strong bone system.

Ingredients needed tomatoes with cheese & # 8211 bouyourdi

  • 5-6 tomatoes well ripened
  • 300 gr feta cheese or telemea
  • 2 Bulgarian peppers, semi-cooked
  • oregano
  • olive oil

We peel the tomatoes, by the classic method of immersing them in hot water, after we have slightly cut them in advance. When the tomatoes have cooled, we peel them very easily. Cut the tomatoes into rounds about 0.5 cm thick. In a tray, saucepan, dish of embarrassment or ceramic, form a bed of tomato slices that completely cover the bottom of the tray. We accompany this first layer of tomatoes with a Bulgarian pepper, cleaned of seeds and cut into rounds. Over this bed of tomatoes and peppers we place a layer of thin slices of cheese (more successful or unsuccessful, in the end it doesn't matter if the cheese is still crushed).

Over the slices of cheese (I used goat-sheep cheese mixture) we arrange a new layer of well-ripened tomato slices. Add the second Bulgarian pepper, also cleaned of seeds and cut into rounds. Finally, we complete our work with 3-4 slices of cheese, attractively placed on top. Sprinkle plenty of oregano, a flavor that gives the Mediterranean cuisine its imprint, and sprinkle with two tablespoons of olive oil. Put the dish in the oven for about 30 minutes, until the kitchen is full of flavor. These cheese tomatoes are very tasty, whether eaten hot or cold, with fresh bread.

Put the spaghetti on the fire in salted water, according to the instructions on the package. After boiling, the spaghetti drains out of the water, but remember that you need to turn off about 350 ml of the water in which they boiled.

During this time, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Grate the cheese as finely as possible, then heat the oil and add the pepper. After a minute, put some of the water in which the spaghetti was boiled, about 200 ml, and the spaghetti. Sprinkle with grated cheese, mixing well, until a sauce is formed and incorporated into the composition. If necessary, add the rest of the water. Set the container aside, then arrange the spaghetti with cheese on the plates and serve hot. Depending on your preferences, you can sprinkle cheese or cheese on top.

Advice: If the cheese you use is salty enough, there is no need to add salt to the composition.

What more could you want than a delicious one spaghetti with cheese recipe, which can be prepared with few ingredients in such a short time?

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Silvia 3 years ago - 28 August 2014 12:04

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I hope to succeed, I will put goat cheese.
So good appetite.

Ioana 3 years ago - 28 August 2014 13:03

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

silvia, then put less whipped milk at the beginning (about 150 ml) because goat cheese is creamier and may make your dough too soft.
you can find some kind of scones with goat cheese here: [link]

Silvia 3 years ago - 28 August 2014 14:39

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Thank you. I hope to do something good, and not to disappoint those in the house.

Ioana 3 years ago - 28 August 2014 14:48

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

if you put less whipped milk, it will come out well with goat cheese.

Olga 3 years ago - 28 August 2014 19:32

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Ioana, why don't you let us mix by hand? I, how to say, I was reading and seeing myself with my hand in the dough, I also laughed to myself when I reached the part with the tail of the wooden spoon, And then, jap! do not mix by hand under any circumstances. How? One of my goals is to get as few tools and implements dirty as possible when cooking, so I don't know what argument you could use to convince me.

Ioana 3 years ago - 28 August 2014 20:28

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

use the spoon tail so as not to mix the dough too much. with your hand the wave can take you and you mix it too much or too hard, the gluten develops and your breads will not grow anymore
the good part is that it takes less to clean the spoon's tail than to remove the dough from under your nails

Silvia 3 years ago - 29 August 2014 13:52

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

very good, I don't think I disappointed anyone, I put less whipped milk and it came out well. Thank you Ioana.

Ioana 3 years ago - 29 August 2014 13:55

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Silvia 3 years ago - 29 August 2014 14:08

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Olga 3 years ago - 30 August 2014 16:22

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I did scones today. So today I tried two of your recipes, both for the first time: this one, and the wonderful berry cake. Both went well.
And know that I was obedient and I mixed with the tail of the spoon, not with my hand. The only thing I don't like about them is that cheese is a little expensive. But I took it that way, as an experiment. And the bad part is that I like it
But know that I liked them better after they got cold. De gustibus.
Oh, and I put sana instead of whipped milk, like I had. I don't think it changed anything, do I? As if they can still tell the difference between them, in terms of taste or consistency.

Ioana 3 years ago - 30 August 2014 16:46

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

yes, more recently good things are expensive, I think also because they are more and more rare in Romania. the real and tasty traditional products go slowly. what is left is either in small quantities and must be patiently hunted by small producers, or they are expensive.
any padlocks like this work, as long as it has a softer consistency, to flow a little. sana, kefir, beaten milk. you can experience peace of mind. the taste of those in the trade is quite bland unfortunately

Brita 3 years ago - 31 August 2014 13:53

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Very good. I ate them with leek soup and potatoes.
I put Gouda type goat cheese, they really asked for less milk.
I will try this dough with oil instead of butter.

Olga 3 years ago - 6 September 2014 10:25

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I did another round of scones this morning (I did one more during the week). I still had fixed ingredients for a portion, and they are made so fast that it was a shame I didn't. Now I'm left with the dried tomato oil, which also has some spices in it, and I don't know what to do with it. Ioana, do you have any suggestions for this, please?
And I had another curiosity, I wanted to see how Horezu cheese is different from Italian Parmesan cheese. I didn't think there was any noticeable difference in taste and consistency. I don't have the packaging anymore, but it may have different fat percentages, I'll look at it at the first opportunity. But if they are so similar, really if it's not worth buying Horezu instead of Parmesan, because they are ours

Ioana 3 years ago - September 8, 2014 10:17

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

olga, you can use the oil in salad dressings, in yeast doughs (when making bread or to spread focaccia), in bruschetta, omelette / papara, in the dough for salted cakes.

that's what I thought, when we find good Romanian products to encourage them to survive

Mary 3 years ago - 14 September 2014 12:23

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Very good. Half of them have already been consumed at the speed of light. I'm getting ready to do more, although I don't know why I didn't double the ingredients from the start, because success was guaranteed! Everything I tried, following your explanations, step by step, came out.
We kiss you, Ioana and thank you!
P.S. It is true that Horezu cheese, which I also use, is expensive, but it is good.

Ioana 3 years ago - 15 September 2014 09:18

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I'm so glad Mary is well!

Ciprian 3 years ago - October 21, 2014 8:30 PM

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

How do you get dried tomatoes? or how can you do them?

Ioana 3 years ago - 22 October 2014 09:34

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

ciprian, you can do them like this: [link] but now it's a bit late for them, the time for tomatoes is over. next year'.
to buy are in the supermarket or at delicatessens. they are usually dried in oil, but sometimes you also find semi-dry, "Semi Secchi" should be labeled. I prefer the semi-dry ones. in stores with Italian products they are also found in bulk.

Anonymous 2 years ago - July 19, 2015 6:49 PM

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

mmmmm how good it is if I put cheese on top it would be just as good.

andreea 2 years ago - 5 September 2015 10:05

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I tried this recipe, and it didn't work out at all the way it turned out for you, my dough was very sticky and I couldn't shape it at all, it was very soft, but I followed the recipe and the quantities, the only difference is that I put Parmesan instead of the cheese you used, do you think that's the problem? What to do?

Ioana 2 years ago - September 5, 2015 10:14

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

what kind of flour did you use?
somehow you didn't mix too much in it. then it becomes extremely sticky. the dough is slightly sticky, but not unworkable.

if you haven't baked it yet, put it in the fridge until you can cut it into pieces (between 30 minutes and an hour) and then leave the pieces in the fridge for a while and only then bake them.

Laura a year ago - April 29, 2016 7:31 PM

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Laura a year ago - April 29, 2016 8:52 PM

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I really like the texture of the dough, would it work in sweet versions? Filled with what ??

Ioana a year ago - April 29, 2016 21:31

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

scones match fruit, blueberries, strawberries.

Laura a year ago - 14 September 2016 11:22

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Hi. Can I prepare the dough a few hours in advance? And keep it in the fridge?
Thank you

Ioana a year ago - 14 September 2016 11:25

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Of course, you can form them and then put them in the fridge.

ana a year ago - 20 October 2016 16:17

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

can you also use homemade cheese?

Ioana a year ago - October 20, 2016 9:06 PM

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

if the cottage cheese is hard enough to be grated. orie hard cheese like a parmesan.

Nelly a year ago - 3 January 2017 20:31

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I really like your scones recipe, it's the healthiest I've tried, without eggs and a little butter, and for those interested to know that it can be made with wholemeal or oatmeal, and that ingredients I always use something else: corn, pickles, olives, peppers, ham, sausages, even sweet fillings if you add a little sugar to the composition, with fresh cranberries came out great

Ioana 11 months ago - 4 January 2017 11:39

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Olga 4 months ago - September 16, 2017 11:33 AM

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Hi Ioana, could you help me with some advice, please? I walked a little in proportion to this recipe, trying to increase the amount and use a baking tray more efficiently, and my stools came out a bit raw inside. On the outside they were browned, even too browned, because I kept them in the oven hoping that they would bake inside as well, but I didn't succeed. I used 330 ml of sana (one bottle of that), 330 gr of 000 flour, 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder, 80 gr of butter. Where am I wrong? Should I put less flour? More baking powder? Please help me with a piece of advice, because I really like this recipe! Thank you!

Ioana 5 months ago - 18 September 2017 09:56

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

the proportions seem fine. Did you cut this round bigger or thicker?

Olga 4 months ago - September 18, 2017 10:23

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Thanks for the answer, Ioana! I put irregular shapes with a spoon, and I even measured one now: there were 'circles' of about 6 cm in diameter, about 2.5 cm high. Am I saying that size shouldn't be problematic? I kept the oven at about 195 degrees. It's something with composition, I think, but I don't know what. I would think that I added whipped milk in 3 tranches and as a result I mixed too much with the tail of the spoon, and something happened to the dough / gluten? Or that I used 000 flour instead of 650.

Ioana 4 months ago - September 18, 2017 10:45

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

so you had the oven at 195C without a fan? probably the oven was too cold and they didn't grow in the middle, they "stuck" somehow. try at 220C without fan.

even if you mixed too much in the dough, they just came out too strong / fluffy, but not unripe.

Olga 4 months ago - September 18, 2017 11:02

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

Yes, 195 without a fan. My logic is that a higher temperature would bake the outside too fast, while the inside would not have time to bake and would remain raw. In this logic, my plan was to try an even lower temperature next time. But I will try as you say, with higher temperature. I won't give up until I get out.

Ioana 4 months ago - 18 September 2017 11:12

Re: Scones with sheep cheese and dried tomatoes

I know what you're saying, but at a low temperature they won't grow. high heat is one of the conditions for these breads to rise, steam is quickly made inside and the dough rises. and I suppose the steam will bake inside and they won't stay raw. you can bake half a temp. smaller and see what happens and then the rest on high temp and compare.

Borek with feta cheese

It is made with thin sheets of pie, in which the filling will run. It can be of many kinds, such as: minced meat, spinach, potatoes or cheese. In this recipe I will present the version with feta cheese.

Put salt water in a cauldron on the fire. After the water starts to boil, gradually add the malai and mix vigorously so that no lumps form. Keep the polenta on low heat until air bubbles come out of it, but do not let it harden too much. Pour it on a wooden bottom or on a plate. Meanwhile, grease a pan with butter, then spread a layer of polenta, then sprinkle with chopped bellows cheese. Make as many layers as you want, but remember that the last one must be polenta.

You can leave the recipe at this stage or add eggs or kaizer. All you have to do is make four holes in the polenta layer on top and break the eggs into them. Finely chop the kaizer and sprinkle it on top. Put the tray in the preheated oven and do not leave it for more than 10-15 minutes. After the preparation has cooled a little, portion it and serve immediately.

Baked cheese polenta not only is it easy to prepare, but it is also extremely tasty. Pamper your taste buds with this traditionally inspired recipe, close your eyes and imagine that you are on a vacation just like the one from childhood. Don't miss the shepherd's bulge!

Video: Κούρεμα αρνιών προβάτων! shearing of lambs or sheep. (January 2022).